Stop using Slack like an amateur.

Our team helps productive organizations maximize Slack through custom software, architecture consulting and training. It's time to go pro.
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Note: we're not affiliated with Slack (but we are big fans...)

Time is money.

The average user spends two and a half hours per day in Slack. At slash-hyphen we understand how valuable that time is. We deploy proven strategies and software that optimizes employee time and gets work done efficiently.

Slack is at the center of the modern workplace. We're here to make it work for you.

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What we do:

Custom Integrations

The world’s most innovative organizations power up their Slack installs with custom integrations and "bots". Our developers can deliver made-to-order bots and integrations for your organization.

We love automating processes and bringing them right into Slack. Every bot we build is tailored to the way your team works. Our practice works with you to build software that saves time and money from day one.

Architecture consulting

Your team needs to make Slack work right the first time. Slash-hyphen specializes in laying out Slack installations to break down silos and amplify the way your people work today.

At slash-hyphen, our first priority is understanding your organization. After learning from your team, we leverage our experience with the Slack platform to create a bespoke channel structure that works for your people.


Remember learning how to Email at work for the first time? Learning the norms and the pitfalls, the systems and the process? It took years for people to get in sync on that medium, and now you're going to ask your team to do it again.

Slack shifts how we work. Our custom employee trainings teach your employees not just how to use the Slack app, but how to adapt to the new communication paradigm.

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About the founder and CEO.

Alex Godin has deep experience in the world of online collaboration. Before founding slash-hyphen, he co-founded and sold Dispatch, a team collaboration tool that connected to cloud services, in some ways, a precursor to Slack. Dispatch raised over a million dollars from a group of VCs including Slack investors, Thrive Capital and SV Angel. The team sold the company to Meetup.

For the last two years, Godin was on Meetup’s strategy team, helping the company further their mission of face to face collaboration with a focus on internal and external communication.

Alex’s projects have been featured in CNet, TechCrunch, Business Insider and TheNextWeb.

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